Deciding on a company to install a skylight for your home.

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Skylights are beautiful ways to let all that natural sunlight into your office or home. They are designed to look elegant and add an exotic feel. We take a look at the advantages, features and sizes and colours they come in.

What are the advantages of a skylight?

Firstly, lighting up your home with natural sunlight, why not, it’s beautiful, elegant and neatly finished. With turbo skylights, the sunlight is distributed evenly. A unique skylight is made from solid reflective aluminium which you can choose to be flat, curved or a dome, this gives you access to more natural light for longer. Lastly, turbo skylights are way eco-friendlier, they offer better insulation and there is minimal UV penetration.

What are the features of a skylight?

A dome is UV stabilised with acrylic that’s 4mm thick. Aluminium tubing is anodised aluminium sheets that are highly polished, it has a mirror effect and is imported from Europe. There are different types of diffusers; curved or flat prismatic, flat prism diffuser, curved prism diffuser, flat satin matte diffuser and curved satin matte diffuser. Always chat to the experts on which skylight will best suit your home.

What sizes and colours do skylights come in?

There are 3 available sizes of skylights, namely; 450mm, 320mm and 250mm. The size ultimately depends on the look and feel you are going for. There are 4 colours available for you to choose from; copper, gold, silver and white.

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