Here’s what to know when adding windows or skylights

Is your home a bit cold and dark in winter months, or feeling stuffy and dark in summer time? Often, when your homes windows are too small or you don’t have enough of them, it can be hard to get the ventilation and natural light you need for good health. You may look around your home or building and think, “this place could definitely use some more light and windows” but you don’t have an idea if it is even feasible to add them or even where to get started.

For most homeowners, cutting a whole n your roof or wall can be scary to even think of, but adding in a window, skylight or roof window is not always as difficult as it may seem.

Furthermore, properly installed skylights, windows or roof windows can be a very rewarding way to improve a home’s air quality, healthfulness, energy and visual appeal while also making it a more pleasant place to be each day.

If you aren’t sure what type of skylight or window you want or need, here are a few basics:

Vertical Windows

Unless you are living in a bunker, your home will most likely already have vertical window, and their support structure was incorporated into the walls when your home was built. It should be an easy task for a professional to replace an under-sized vertical window with a bigger one.

Roof Windows

The more traditional windows will admit light at the walls level, while a skylight will bring light into your home from above. Roof windows are somewhat a hybrid in that they will combine some of the top qualities of both skylights and vertical windows.


Very often, skylights are the daylighting solution of choice for rooms that have limited wall space, but they can also be an attractive, practical and cost effective way for you to increase the natural light and passive ventilation in any of your rooms.

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