Natural Lights Positive Effects On Your Health

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An important point to make is that appropriate exposure to natural light has positive effects on our circadian rhythm and in turn promotes many aspects of health.

We evolved from contact to natural day lighting. The sun delivers a particular wavelength (blue range) in the early morning that lasts until early afternoon. At that point, a different light wavelength is created (red to orange range). We recently learned that the retina has a specific photoreceptor that identifies light and sends it to a distinctive part of the brain known as the supra chiasm, located near the hypothalamus. Once the supra chiasm is triggered, it sets off the hypothalamus, the master gland that in turn triggers the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands of the brain and body. The hormonal response to light is what causes and encourages the assorted actions of the body and health.

The blue range of light helps our bodies come to be aroused, aware, attentive and focused. As the day continues and we enter the afternoon when the blue range of light changes to the red/orange range our bodies begin the procedure of slowing and ultimately sleeping. Our body decelerates in blood pressure and we go into the four stages of sleep including deep sleep. Melatonin is produced and growth hormones are activated.

The circadian rhythm (means roughly a day) is critically significant to our health as it has effects on our immune system, capacity to fight off disease, hunger and obesity, blood pressure, and intellect. It controls our sleep-wake cycle which is so vital for brain function and body regulation.

We have learned that there are design lighting structures that help to promote contact to natural light, to help set the circadian rhythm, and to promote human performance in the office and school. Natural lighting via design lighting systems such as skylights can also help of age adults residing in aided living or long-term care facilities. Older adults experience variations in their sleep-wake cycles and this gets worsened with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies support improved school performance by students, and reduced anxiety and increased sleep for older adults who work or study in environments with natural day lighting.

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With all these medical benefits of natural light on your body and brain, why not contact us today for all your skylight installations and repairs.