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Many people have skylights in their homes or businesses, but don’t know how to actually clean them properly. Skylights should be cleaned at least once or twice a year depending how dirty they get.

When cleaning your skylight, the best time to clean it is when it is not too sunny, as cleaning the skylight while sunny will cause funny marks and streaks on it.

Skylights allow natural and pure sunlight into our homes. You can’t clean skylights like you clean normal windows. There is a specific way to clean them and you have to clean the inside and outside.

Materials used to clean skylights

You will need a bucket with hot water preferably distilled water and inside the bucket you will need to put some dish or window-washing liquid. You can add some vinegar as well as a detergent so that it won’t leave marks on the window.

A long mop will be great to clean the skylight if it is big or out of reach, or you can do it by hand. You will need a cloth and a sponge as well as a towel preferably a cotton towel. When you clean the outside of the skylight you will need a ladder to get up on the roof first, a pressure cleaner will work great on the outside, though take care not to set the pressure too high. Lastly you will need a wax to put on after wards to protect your skylight.

Your safety comes first

Once you have all the right materials to clean your skylight, you will need to make sure you remain safe while cleaning them. Make sure that all the products are safe for the skylight. If you are climbing up a ladder, always make sure that someone is standing by you at all times just in case something does happen.

Steps to clean your skylight

First of all, you need your bucket with your water and your liquid in and vinegar. You can now get to where your skylight is and keep your products close by. If your skylight has a plastic film over it you can remove this film.

Remove all dust with a dry cloth. Wash your sponge before you use it. With your sponge or your long mop, you can dip it in the water and ring all the excess water out and start cleaning. Remember to clean from the highest point and work your way down.

Empty your dirty water and replace it with clean cool water, rinse all the soap from the skylight. After you have done that take your cotton towel to soak up all the water.

When you are cleaning the skylight from the outside remember to use the pressure cleaner, it will just make it easier.

After drying and all the steps are done you can put a wax on your windows to protect them.

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Skylights aren’t cheap and cleaning isn’t easy. Protecting your windows from stains will save money and time. Skylight features are the best when they are clean, for more information get in touch with one of our consultants from Sundowner Skylights or visit our website today.