Skylights for any Weather

Skylights are an awesome feature to add to your home and they come with a range of health and aesthetic benefits. If a shaky or unpredictable climate is preventing you from making the decision to install one, then we have some good news for you; skylights can be designed to adapt to just about any climate due to the range of materials that can be used in their installation.

Hail and Wind

If you live in an area that experiences frequent hail storms or strong winds, it’s obvious as to why you would be concerned about installing a skylight. Skylights that have not been renovated and that were built with material that has since been outdated, are the ones most affected by hail and wind breaks. Modern building materials such as polycarbonate and laminated glass add extra safety and preventative measures to the design of your skylight.

Rain Damage

Rain can do a number on skylights if they have not been sealed professionally and with a generous amount of care. The best defense against water leaks is to hire professional services who ensure the use of quality materials in order to provide seals that are reliable. It is also important to do maintenance checks regularly to amend any weak spots that may become leaks in the near future.


Skylights are designed to work with sunlight, so even if you live in a climate that boasts high temperatures as well as excess U.V rays, the chances of sunlight affecting your skylight’s structure is minimal. Tempered glass skylights allow for plant-friendly light to permeate the sunrooms that they support. If you’re still concerned, opting for glazing is another way to ensure that your skylight (and you) are protected.

No Reason to not Have a Skylight

Any problems related to climate can easily be met with materials to ensure that your skylight can sustain itself against all kinds of weather. With so many benefits and a solution to every climate problem, there is nothing that should hinder you from installing a skylight. Contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website for more information.