Starlight, Star Bright, Watching from My Skylight Tonight

Watching the stars whilst lying on your couch in the comfort of your own home sounds a bit like a fairy tale. Skylights, tube lights, and sun tubes make this whole scene a plausible reality and there are plenty of other benefits that are on offer too.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is basically like a window for your ceiling, fitted at the same angle. Skylights come in different sizes and shapes that offer diverse functionalities ranging from an outside view and letting more light infiltrate your home, to the aeriation of poorly ventilated areas. Since skylights, sun tubes and tubelights offer glorious aesthetic appeal, they are also used as a tool for optimizing interior design.

The Pantheon and its Famous Oculus

Ancient Romans actually incorporated skylights into many of their structures – perhaps the most renowned being The Pantheon and its central skylight known as Oculus. The Pantheon remains the biggest unsupported dome structure in the world that has stood the test of time against the elements as well as barbaric raids. Experts in ancient timekeeping have argued that The Pantheon has been intelligently designed as a kind of gigantic sundial.

We Can’t All Have a Pantheon

Whilst we can’t all have a building that replicates the splendour of The Pantheon, incorporating a skylight or your very own Oculus into your home isn’t out of reach by any means. From a practical perspective, it may not be able to indicate time, but it will allow for an influx of light and warmth (as we approach the chillier Winter months) into your space and offer you a great point to stargaze from in the quiet of the night.

Enchant Your Home

Add a magical portal from your home to the universe outside through the simplicity and elegance of a skylight. To ensure seamless installation and functionality that will keep your home enchanted for years to come, contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website to see which options would be best suited to your…wishes.