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Everyone loves skylights because they bring so much light into any room, they can turn an ordinary Brakpan bathroom into a luxury room in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Skylights are a type of window that that is built into a roof to allow natural light to illuminate the interior of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. More often than not skylights are seen as a luxury addition to the home used to brighten interior spaces with natural light from the sun, this not only improves a building cosmetically but has the additional benefit of saving owners money by eliminating the need for costly electric lighting during the day.

The cost of electricity has gone up tremendously over the last decade (not only in monetary value but with regards to the environmental impact as well) and it is does not show signs of stopping anytime soon, in fact, it is estimated that from 2004 to 2016 the cost of electricity has gone up by a staggering 300%. By greening our electricity usage and using less energy in general we can lighten our footprint immensely.

Tubular skylights will significantly increase the natural lighting in your home, save you money and help you on your path to going green in the process. One of the benefits of tubular skylights is that not only can they be installed ion a house that is currently being built but they can also easily be installed in a finished house.

Tubular skylights are able to emit more natural light than traditional skylights and operate by bouncing captured sunlight through a highly reflective, mirror-like light pipe and are better able to absorb the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

A small tubular skylight of only 25 centimetres can yield the equivalent of 3 bulbs of 100 watts each, that is 300 watts. The larger version is great for big rooms and offices. Instead of expensive energy wasting florescent lights, the tubular skylight can fillthe room with sunshine equivalent to that of 1000-1400 watts of light.


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With 20 years of experience in the industry you can be sure that Sundowner Skylights will provide you the very best when it comes to Tubular skylights. Sundowner Skylights has a 10 year waterproofing & component guarantee on skylights.