There are countless reasons to install a Sundowner Skylight

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This is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient method of introducing natural light throughout your home.  No costly electrical light globes with artificial lighting left on all day when you have our tubular skylights shedding light everywhere. Sundowner Tube lights use light collectors, reflective tubes, and diffusers to bring the natural light indoors with all-round coverage even when the sun is at its weakest in winter.

Easy to install with no major alterations necessary makes this a cost-effective method of transforming your home or even your industrial premises or sports club.

A 320mm tubular skylight is roughly equivalent to a 500-watt light bulb in the winter and a 1000-watt bulb in summer making this a perfect solution to dark rooms in any location.

Our company is the biggest tubular skylight supplier in South Africa.

We offer the most affordable solar lighting systems anywhere in the country with distributors nationwide. We have gained the reputation of being trustworthy and reliable manufacturers during our 18 years of experience.

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We have a wide range of ceiling and wall-mounted extractor fans from our sister site, Sunvent which supplies wall-mounted chimney or kitchen extractor fans as well as large industrial extraction fans and blowers.

  Going Green with Skylights

Today Architects plan homes to lessen humanity’s impact on our planet.  Sustainable building has become a   profitable business that no longer needs to be costly.  One of the conditions of a sustainable building is providing ample natural light which diminishes the cost of electric lighting during the day, improving health benefits and the resale value. Homes with sustainable elements are more popular and sell for higher prices.  The eco-movement is a growing trend so be aware of small changes you can make with Sundowner Skylights.