What’s Trendier than a Tubelight?

Very little, in our opinion. It’s a unique concept that fits like a glove with 2019’s interior design trends, which are all about bringing the atmosphere of the outdoors to your home. Escaping the concrete jungle by creating your own tropical oasis at home (kind of like a greenhouse) is a no-brainer, so why not bring in natural lighting to complete the look?

The Green Scene of 2019

Night Watch Green has been labeled one of this year’s hottest colours for interior décor, which is no surprise considering the amount of tropical-themed designs popping up. It’s like the interior has gone full jungle fever – leaf-patterned wallpaper, hanging plants and rich wooden finishes are bringing a touch of the earth into homes and creating spaces that make others green with envy.

The Values to Match

Loving the look and feel of earthy and tropical interiors would be slightly hypocritical were it not followed through with eco-friendly and earth conscious decisions. The use of energy efficient lightbulbs as well as solar panels are on a steady incline as values continue to shift drastically towards conserving our earth.

Skylights and Tubelights

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the addition of skylights and tube lights to homes is becoming more popular. Sun tubes open up a portal to bring natural lighting into your home, instantly brighten up any dark spaces that may be interrupting your interior flow, allow the illusion of more space and provide a glimpse straight into the outdoors. Of equal importance, they are one of the eco-friendliest ways to bring in extra light (your hanging plants will thank you too).

Small Alteration, Big Results

Upgrading your home doesn’t necessarily mean a big upheaval to your routine and life. Skylights and tube lights are a non-invasive and fast way to make home improvements with the return of exquisite and lasting impact. For ways of incorporating functionality and style into your home’s character, contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website.