Why Our Eyes Need More Light As We Age

Are you increasing your text size on your phone or computer? holding your book farther and farther away from your eyes? welcome to the club. As you age, it is inevitable that your eyes and vision will begin to change. It is important to care for our sight and to responsibly exercise our eyes. One way to take better care of our eyes is to avoid dimly lit settings. As we get older, well-lit spaces will make reading and other tasks easier.

Lighting as we age

According to the American Optometric Association ,healthy eyes become much more sensitive to the light and glare as we get older. Aging eyes are going to require more contrast to see than before, as well as greater illumination levels.

There are certain types of light that can be beneficial to us as we age. For example, uniform ambient lighting between rooms help older eyes, as you age your eyes take longer to adjust to the changing light levels. Furthermore, as we age, our eyes start to restrict the amount of light absorbed and admitted and they become more sensitive.

Increasing light inside the home

When you are indoors, you should try to bring in as much natural light as possible. Whether you’re raising blinds, pulling back curtains or installing skylights. Allowing more natural light into your home will prevent eyestrain when you’re completing those close up tasks. Skylights will admit sunshine from above in order to achieve a more balanced, diffused light throughout the space. Installing skylights in the kitchen, hobby area or living room will be beneficial as these spaces are usually used for task-oriented projects and entertaining where substantial illumination is a must. A balance of ambient light and daylight, with the addition of table and floor lamps is going to make your rooms much more comfortable.

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