Why Sun Tubes Have Become A Popular Choice For Businesses And Homes Alike

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How Do Sun Tubes Work?

What Are Sun Tubes?

Sun tubes consist of three sections, that which is on the top of the roof, the internal middle structure and the bottom which will be seen when standing inside the building or home.

Most of the system is designed out of plastic, with the top of the system containing a plastic dome, made to be as resilient to the weather as possible.

Also known as tube light, the top of the system is clear, which allows the sun’s light in, while still ensuring that the exposure is not damaging.

This is thanks to the help of the internal middle part of the sun tube, designed with a polished interior, which allows for the reflective material which is included in this section to function as a deterring agent against the suns rays.

What this means is that not only will there be no glare from the bottom of the sun tube, it will also not increase the amount of heat within the office or home space.

In terms of the bottom of the tube light, the end of the system contains a diffuser which spreads the light being funnelled through, allowing the room to be filled with the proper amount of light.

A skylight company will be able to install the right size sun tube for your roof, which will ensure that there is enough light entering the room in the day and in the night.

A company such as Sundowner Skylights will also make sure that the amount of natural lighting will not increase the amount of heat in the room, through limiting the number of tube lights.

Natural Light

The main reason why you want to install sun tubes is because of the fact that they are able to bring in more natural light into your space, rather than using electrical lights.

Not only is this a huge benefit in terms of decreasing the amount of electricity you use, but you are also adding much more of a natural look and feel in your office or home.

Sundowner Skylights, a skylight company in Cape Town, will be able to install the right amount of tube lights for your area, ensuring that you are receiving the right amount of natural lighting both in the day and night.

Limited Roof Size

Sun tubes are recommended for smaller surface area roofs as they will be able to improve the quality of light is distributed into the room, where it wouldn’t make sense to install a normal skylight.

Sundowner Skylights will be able to give you the correct information on which size sun tube will be best for your specific roof, helping to get your dream lighting in your space, in a short amount of time.

Easy Installation

The installation process is quick, as mentioned above, with Sundowner Skylights being able to install your tube lights in your roof in about 4 hours.

The amount of time which the process will take does not include any painting or drywalling. This is a huge benefit as not requiring this will mean that as soon as it is installed, it will be able to be used.

On top of this, the fact that the installation does not require that much time, and is not that complicated, means that the price of installation is relatively low.

The only thing you will have to focus on is choosing the right skylight company which will be installing your sun tube.


Reduce Energy Costs

Of course, when it comes to installing a tube light, the fact that natural light is being used over electrical light will ensure that your overall energy costs will be decreased.

Being able to decrease the amount of electricity you’re using is always a benefit for your office or home. The reason for this is that it frees up more funds for other things you might want to purchase or improve upon.

Sundowner Skylights aim to ensure that with every client they provide a sun tube with, they are helping that client decrease their energy expenditure and help the planet in terms of decreasing the environmental impact.

Improved Work Productivity

With light throughout the day and night coming into your space, you will be able to be far more productive throughout.

Tubelights help because of the fact that you will be able to have a light source which is constant, limiting the need for electrical lights for much longer.

Another big plus is that night light is also far more effective, meaning that if there is load-shedding, you will have an extra couple of hours to get any work done.

The use of sun tubes is also an improvement in offices, where fluorescent lighting is most commonly used. The addition of natural light is not only a functional benefit, but it also boosts peoples moods, which can improve your employee’s productivity.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, we all want to know how much time and effort we are going to have to put into keeping a product or products which serve us up to date.

This includes cleaning it, repairs, and any further updates it may need in order to function correctly.

Where a sun tube may need a little bit of light cleaning, no pun intended, it is by far a product which once installed, requires very low maintenance.

This is not only a benefit for you but it is also a testament to the quality provided by Sundowner Skylights.

Better For The Environment

Sundowner Skylights is a proud believer in ensuring that businesses and individuals alike are decreasing their energy costs, which therefore decreases energy consumption and need, helping to decrease these spaces in terms of environmental impact.

Sun tubes are a great alternative to electrical lighting, using the sun’s light in order to bring illumination into a house or office.

At the present moment, the environmental impact of businesses, and individuals, has seen major negative affects on the planet.

This includes climate change in the long term, as well as issues such as deforestation, air pollution and affects the quality of drinkable water, as well as rainwater.

We as humans need to ensure that we are doing everything we can to limit the severity of our own environmental impact, therefore helping to stop our planet from becoming virtually a wasteland.

If we all try and make a difference in some way, we all be sure to make changes in the short and long term.

Be sure to take a serious look at how installing tube lights in your space could help you to improve your environmental impact, as well as how it could benefit your area as a whole.

Health Benefits

Sun tubes are not just bringers of light into your home or office, they also serve another, more important purpose.

The health benefits that you can get from natural light is what will allow you to stay motivated and remain as healthy as possible.

One of the major benefits of the sun is the fact that it provides you with your  Vitamin D requirements, the natural way.

On top of this, getting sun also helps with issues in terms of blood pressure, where it actually lowers your blood pressure, helping to decrease any chances of risk.

Another benefit is also that the sun’s rays ensure that your mood will remain high, helping to energise you.

Low-Cost Installation

As mentioned above, the fact that you are able to install a tube light into your roof, without the need for extra conversions to your roof, means that the price of installation will below.

Unlike the installation of electrical lighting, which requires the addition of wires, connecting wires to circuits and ensuring that all of the safety measures have been put in place, installing a sun tube requires an entry point from the top of the roof, space in the internal section and an exit point in the office space or home.

After this, the tube will be installed, with minimal additions, and there we go, you now have your natural lighting.

Choosing The Right Sun Tube Installer


Finding the right sub tube supplier will focus on a multitude of factors, one being the location of your skylight company, as well as where they install the sun tubes themselves.

Location, in the sense of where to find your installer, can become quite easy, as with Sundowner Skylights a skylight company in Cape Town, their business has built a nationwide service of installing sun tubes.

In terms of location of tube light on your roof, a professional installer will look at the overall picture of your area, internally and externally, in order to provide the right tube, in terms of size and position, to maximise the light in your space.

Right Quality

Quality will always be important simply because of the fact that if something is the low quality you are going to find that the maintenance, and in some cases the number of replacements, will skyrocket.

Not only will the replacements skyrocket, but the price will also skyrocket, where you might have to replace parts a lot more than you expected.

Sundowner Skylights is not only a provider of top-quality tube lights, but they also provide top-notch installation, ensuring that your sun tube will work the way it is meant to, for a long period of time, with low maintenance.

Be sure to contact Sundowner Skylights for more information on getting the right sun tube for you.

Correct Waterproofing

Waterproofing treatments will need to be done and if you have the right installer, they will be able to get done within a short amount of time, and to a high degree, ensuring that there are no leakages from the beginning.

On top of this, sun tubes are designed to have weatherproofing as an inclusion, ensuring that the rain, wind, dust, hail and even the sun, doesn’t affect the structure and integrity of the material.

By choosing the right skylight company, you’re also ensuring that you will have a positive long term outcome, rather than more stress than you thought you would have.


Something which is an added feature to installing a tube light, from a professional installer, is the fact that they will be able to improve the lighting of your home or office, which is not only a good thing for visibility and concentration, but also in terms of the look and feel of the space.

Having a natural light source helps improve the aesthetic of your space, while also allowing you to look at what can be changed in the space, in order to use the lighting to your advantage.

Improvements make take a long time in terms of your decor, however, thee installation of your sun tube will be a sweet and simple process.

Safe Installation

Finally, what you want from your installer is to bet consciously of the fact that although the process of installation may be simple, they are still dealing with factors such as roof height, roof quality and roof material.

If they are not focused on preventing any accidents from occurring while installing sun tubes, they are not the right installers for you.

With roofs containing asbestos, installers need to be aware of the fact that this is harmful not only to them but also those living in the houses.

Taking the right safety precautions is something that will reduce risk not only in the short term but so too in the long term.

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