Why you should consider a sun tunnel

A solar tube or sun tunnel will brighten up any area. It comprises a mirror aluminium tubing system that reflects ambient light to provide lighting up to eight times that of a traditional skylight system.

Let’s break down the different elements of a sun tunnel.

The dome

The dome is a curved acrylic surface that protrudes from your home’s exterior and acts as the outside seal of the sun tunnel. The curved dome makes it more difficult for the elements to settle on and obstruct sunlight than traditional skylights. In addition, domes offer hail and UV protection.


The high-quality aluminium tubing is made from imported sheets that have been highly polished and anodised. This ensures sun tunnels have a mirror effect with 100% more light focused. This tubing won’t yellow, darken, peel, blister, crack, or oxidise.


A flat or curved satin matte diffuser is mounted on the ceiling to distribute light evenly throughout the room. So even if the sun isn’t shining brightly, a solar tube will provide plenty of natural light in a room without emitting heat.

Consider the advantages of a sun tunnel

· It offers reduced cost and hassle due to easy and quick installation.

· It requires no structural roof changes.

· It is maintenance-free and leak-proof.

Generally, a sun tunnel can be installed anywhere there is four metres or less between your roof and ceiling. They can be fitted in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices. In addition, natural dynamic daylight illuminates your interior spaces in ways that a simple lamp cannot.

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Sun tunnels are a stylish, energy-efficient way to naturally illuminate dark areas in your home. In addition, they enable you to save money on electricity while lowering your carbon footprint.

As a leading sun tunnel specialist, Sundowner Skylights offers products for residential and commercial applications, including a range of unique attachments to customise your sun tunnel’s lighting. Get in touch with us today for more information on our solar tube and installation services