Extractor fans for the kitchen


Extractor fans have been designed to serve certain purposes. They are also called range hoods when they are fitted directly above your stove. They are vital in the kitchen as they provide ventilation.

Below are some of the functions of range hoods or extractor fans:

  • Removes grease from the air
  • Disperses any smoke that occurs
  • Reduces soiling of your walls and other surface areas
  • Extracts steam that rises from kettles or saucepans
  • It helps to eliminate cooking odors
  • Removes pollutants such as mildew, mould, carbon dioxide, dust mites, pet hair, paint fumes, bacteria etc
  • Reduces moisture levels in your kitchen
  • Captures by-products of frying and baking as well as steam-carried particles.

Tests have shown that indoor pollutants can measure at concentrations fifty times higher indoors than they do outdoors. With an extractor fan, your home will help prevent this and ensure that your home is safer and cleaner to live in.

It is important that your range hood or extractor fan vents to the outside of the premises. You should ensure that it never vents into a ceiling or wall, the moisture and grease in the air can cause serious structural damages over some time.

When it comes to keeping your range hood or extractor fan clean it is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many that can be dismantled and cleaned using your dishwasher, you need to ensure that the interior as well as the exterior of the range hood or extractor fan is wiped down regularly. After removing the filter cover it should be washed in hot soapy water. There is an ammonia solution that you can use to clean the fan blades. The metal mesh filters can be cleaned whenever needed.

The filters for arecirculating range hood are going to have to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of cooking that is done and also how often the kitchen is used. A charcoal filter should never be washed as this will reduce the filters effectiveness.

There are many different types of extractor fans available, below are three types available at Sundowner Skylights in Cape Town:

  • Domestic extractor fans
  • Commercial extractor fans
  • Industrial extractor fans

You can contact Sundowner Skylights in Cape Townto find out more about the wide variety of ceiling- and wall-mounted extractor fans that we supply. Whether you need a wall-mounted chimney, a large industrial extraction fan or a kitchen extractor fan,Sundowner Skylights supply it all. With Authorised Distributors nationwide.

Benefits of Skylights


Benefits of Skylights

Studies have proven that people who are exposed to natural sunlight on a regular basis tend to be more positive, productive and also achieve a better sense of well-being. Sunlight can act as a mood enhancer and can also improve performance. These are some of the many reasons why having a sunlight installed into your home is always a good idea, offering efficient lighting solutions and helping the environment.

There are many benefits that come with having a skylight. To name just a few, it is an eco friendly efficient lighting solution, it comes without the cost of a electricity bill, gives your home, office or building a beautiful appeal, reduces mould build up and helps us do our part for the environment.

Energy-efficient appliances, homes, and apartment buildings provide enormous cost savings and health benefits, and make us feel good about our efforts to reduce our energy consumption and therefore the carbon footprint. Sundowner Skylights provide naturally energy-efficient lighting solutions that will help you cut down your monthly electricity bill, as you no longer need to rely so heavily on electric lights.

Skylight designs can be any shape or size – it all depends on the client’s requirements. Some of the features of a skylight are as follows:

  • Motor venting systems
  • Rain sensors
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • Temperature control options

Your skylight can be designed to achieve specific lighting effects on surfaces such as wall washes and soffits.

Your skylight will ensure that you have bright daylight in your home or office, unlike electric bulbs. You cannot help but love the natural beauty and feel that having a skylight provides. New designs are being developed because of the huge demand for skylights in South Africa, these new designs being more effective and efficient than ever before. This trend is ensuring that our environment stays clean and the rooms in our homes and offices stay beautiful.

With skylights having technological features it overleaps the digital world, allowing families to stay connected to each other as well as to Mother Nature.Install Skylights from Sundowner Skylights and Save the Environment as well as money.

The Green Light


Everyone loves skylights because they bring so much light into any room, they can turn an ordinary Brakpan bathroom into a luxury room in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Skylights are a type of window that that is built into a roof to allow natural light to illuminate the interior of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. More often than not skylights are seen as a luxury addition to the home used to brighten interior spaces with natural light from the sun, this not only improves a building cosmetically but has the additional benefit of saving owners money by eliminating the need for costly electric lighting during the day.

The cost of electricity has gone up tremendously over the last decade (not only in monetary value but with regards to the environmental impact as well) and it is does not show signs of stopping anytime soon, in fact, it is estimated that from 2004 to 2016 the cost of electricity has gone up by a staggering 300%. By greening our electricity usage and using less energy in general we can lighten our footprint immensely.

Tubular skylights will significantly increase the natural lighting in your home, save you money and help you on your path to going green in the process. One of the benefits of tubular skylights is that not only can they be installed ion a house that is currently being built but they can also easily be installed in a finished house.

Tubular skylights are able to emit more natural light than traditional skylights and operate by bouncing captured sunlight through a highly reflective, mirror-like light pipe and are better able to absorb the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

A small tubular skylight of only 25 centimetres can yield the equivalent of 3 bulbs of 100 watts each, that is 300 watts. The larger version is great for big rooms and offices. Instead of expensive energy wasting florescent lights, the tubular skylight can fillthe room with sunshine equivalent to that of 1000-1400 watts of light.


Sundowner Skylights

With 20 years of experience in the industry you can be sure that Sundowner Skylights will provide you the very best when it comes to Tubular skylights. Sundowner Skylights has a 10 year waterproofing & component guarantee on skylights.