Energy-efficiency is the buzz word these days, especially when used in relation to buildings and appliances. And why shouldn’t it be? Energy-efficient appliances, homes, and apartment buildings provide enormous cost savings and health benefits, and make us feel good about our efforts to reduce our energy consumption and therefore the carbon footprint.. Skylights provide naturally energy-efficient lighting solutions that will help you cut down your monthly electricity bill, as you no longer need to rely so heavily on electric lights.

Tubular skylights from Sundowner Skylights are ideal energy-efficient products, as they start saving you money right from the get-go. Our skylights are affordably-priced, so they fit into budgets of any size. Their design allows them to be installed without any fuss in any type of roof, and they seal seamlessly into that roof so that you don’t have to worry about leaks, draughts, and insulation problems.

Power for the people

Constant power supply is a particular problem in South Africa. Eskom frequently asks consumers to implement energy-saving ideas (like switching off geysers) and to use energy-efficient devices and products (like low-energy lights and appliances) to reduce their power consumption and put less pressure on the national grid. This lessens the chance of rolling blackouts, which are a real danger in winter.

Eskom often includes skylights in its lists of energy-saving tips.This Product is ideal for mass housing.

Affordable energy-saving solutions

Solar power is often touted as the best source of sustainable energy for people who want to start using green energy solutions. But, solar geysers and solar panels can be expensive. Tubular skylights allow you to tap into the power of the sun without breaking the bank. You may not be able to take an eco-friendly shower, but you can view your skylights as the first step in a quest to implement little energy-saving projects that will add up to a big difference in the long term.

For example, you can start with skylights in your lounge, then add them to your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and then move onto other energy-saving tips, such as gradually replacing your old kitchen appliances with new, environmentally-friendly fixtures, starting a car pool, and doing your shopping by bike.

There are a number of affordable ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption. After you’ve replaced all of your old lights with energy-saving globes, you can progress to the next level in lighting solutions – tubular skylights. You can also add our optional Patented night light to the skylight which includes an energy-saving bulb.

Contact Sundowner Skylights for details on our range of tubular skylights and start saving energy now.