UV Stabilised 4mm thick Acrylic.

Alluminium Tubing:
Highly Polished and Anodised Aluminium sheets imported from Europe. Very high quality tubing that has a mirror effect.

Light Fitting:
Porcelain 220V 100W Screw Type Holder.

Curved or Flat Prismatic Diffuser also available in Satin Matte finish.
Flat Prism Diffuser Curved Prism Diffuser Flat Satin Matte Diffuser Curved Satin Matte Diffuser

Roof Flashing:
Galvanised Metal for Tile Roofs or Moulded Fiberglass for all others.
Roof Types:

  • Cement Tile
  • Harvey Tile
  • IBR
  • Corrugated Iron
  • Clip-Lok
  • Asbestos Slate
  • Asbestos Big 6
  • Asbestos Canadian Pattern
  • Concrete Slab
  • Thatch
  • Onduline

Blackout System
Optional attachable ring to temporarily ‘turn off’ skylight


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Roof Flashing

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