What is an Extractor Fan?

An extractor fan is a propelled air ventilation system that uses an electric fan to remove hot or humid air from a room and disburse it outside into the atmosphere. An extractor fan is useful in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements that have high humidity levels due to their use of water for activities like cooking or bathing, and can similarly effectively be used in industrial environments. 

The benefits of an extractor fan are many, including improved indoor air quality and comfort for the people in the environment, lower energy cost, reduced wear and tear on central heating systems, and reducing the need to keep windows open.

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The Benefits of Using an Extractor Fan

Extractor fans play a role in improving your environment’s ventilation and moisture control and contribute to making the area more comfortable and pleasant. 

An extractor fan will improve the air quality in your building and will assist in removing unpleasant odours. By sucking air into the fan and then blowing it out through an extraction point, an extractor fan can help to keep your environment clean and fresh, free from dust and dirt particles. In this way it extracts stale air from the environment, replacing it with fresh, cool air, and improves the overall air circulation within your building.

Extractor fans are useful in environments that are subjected to moisture and condensation. By removing this moist air from the environment, it assists in reducing the build-up of dangerous mould on the walls and ceilings. Extractor fan installations in Cape Town are particularly beneficial, due to the coastal climate of the City.

An extractor fan is energy efficient and can reduce your monthly heating bills by improving the efficiency of your heating system, and also keeping the environment fresh and cool in warmer months.

Extractor fans are an important part of any environment’s climate control and contribute to making the area far more pleasant to operate within, while also enjoying the benefits of clean air and reduced energy costs. For more information about our extractor fan installations in Cape Town, contact Sundowner Skylights today.