Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

Sundowner Skylights brings you answers to FAQs about skylights. We like our customers to know as much as possible about the many benefits of skylights, so here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  1. Why is natural light beneficial to the home?

Natural light has a few benefits to the home when compared to artificial light. Firstly, UV rays from the sun do a lot to keep places bacteria-free, resulting in an overall, more hygienic home.

Natural light keeps a home looking and feeling fresher, keeps it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and also brings a number of health benefits to those inside, but we will talk more about those later.

  1. Can Natural Light Protect My Eyes?

One of the major, long-term health benefits of skylights, is that the natural light given off by them is better for preserving your vision. Artificial light takes a strain on the eyes, especially in situations where lighting is low.

LED lights, while efficient, are even worse for the eyes. The constant strain of artificial light can deal gradual damage to your eyesight, whereas natural light preserves it better.

  1. Is Natural Light Beneficial to the Body?

Vitamin D, a vital nutrient for the human body, comes to us from very few sources, the main one being the sun. Our modern, fast-paced, office-bound lives make it difficult for many people to get the sunshine they need, which means that they aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

This is important for keeping bones and teeth healthy and is also important for people’s mental well-being. Having a skylight in your home makes getting enough of it easy.

  1. Do Skylights Require a lot of Maintenance?

Skylights are typically quite easy to keep maintained. They do require cleaning occasionally, about every two to three months. Cleaning is also easy and can be done with mild soap and water.

The frequency at which it needs to be cleaned depends on how dusty or dirty the surrounding environment is.

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