1. What are the health benefits of natural light?

Sunlight is a basic requirement for human bodies and the mind, although we get enough to keep our bodies functional, the average person spends to much time in the shade ( such as offices and homes). There are many advantages that sunlight has on the body and mind, that is why sun tubes are very important to have at your home, it allows natural light to flow into your home. Natural light provides us with vitamin D, protects our eyes and it improves our body clock.

  1. Can natural light protect your eyes?

Yes, natural light can protect your eyes. Artificial light and a lack of adequate light can put a lot of strain on your eyes, especially when you are reading. After a while it can effect the strength of your eyes and it can also lead to tension headaches. If you want to keep your eyes sharp and strong, you should get enough natural light in areas where you frequently work, read or study.

  1. How does natural light help to improve your body?

Cirdadian rhythms are large contributors to a person’s sleeping pattern, productivity levels and appetite, and it all relies on the natural light to be properly calibrated. The need for natural light can effect and disrupt a person’s body clock as it leads to an inconsistent appetite or trouble spleeping. By getting natural sunlight, it can improve your body and mind for better health all-round. Contact Sundowner Skylight today to assist you with letting more natural light into your home or office.