Sustainable buildings work towards a better future, this is the general feeling among people who want to their bit to lessen humanities harmful impact on the planet. This simple concept eventually evolved into somewhat of a lucrative enterprise for many businesses, which for many, put sustainability a little outside of their price range.

Skylights for sustainable buildings have thusly filled this gap in the market by making sustainability so much more affordable whether being applied to homes or office blocks.

A building needs to meet certain criteria before it can be considered sustainable, with particular focus on their energy efficiency, and this is where the cost of solutions like solar panels and batteries offer dubious viability simply because of their costs.

But skylights are ideal for sustainable buildings because they optimally enhance a structures efficiency, but the cost of their materials, even with demand as high as it is, is comparatively low due to their variety.

Skylights are one way which buildings can meet sustainable standards since they provide an abundance of natural light, which reduces or eliminates the need for electric lighting during daylight hours. The savings from this mount quite quickly as well, and their varying costs also make them more accessible.


They don’t require any major structural changes or support.

Once they’re installed, homeowners benefit from savings in electricity, improved health, and, importantly, increased resale value.

It’s well-known that homes with sustainable elements, like skylights, sell more quickly and for higher prices than homes that give no nod to the green movement at all.

Sustainable architecture has developed a following, much like art deco or Victorian architecture. Fortunately for the eco-movement, it’s a following that keeps growing.

Basically, no architect in their right mind would leave out skylights when planning a green building.


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