Sustainable buildings are the only way to go. At least, that’s the general feeling among people who want to do their bit to lessen humanity’s impact on the planet. And now, what started as a fad has turned into a lucrative business. What’s better for consumers is that the cost of building sustainable homes and office blocks has come down, as a result of increased demand and increased variety of construction materials.

Buildings can only be considered sustainable if they meet certain criteria, one of which is the efficient use of energy and natural resources. Skylights are one way in which buildings can meet sustainable standards, as they provide an abundance of natural light, which reduces or eliminates the need for electric lighting during daylight hours..

Basically, no architect in her/his right mind would leave out skylights when planning a green building.

Tubular skylights are ideal for homes without a large budget, as they are affordable and easy to incorporate in sustainable construction plans. They don’t require any major structural changes or support. Once they’re installed, home owners benefit from savings in electricity, improved health, and, importantly, increased resale value. It’s well-known that homes with sustainable elements, like skylights, sell more quickly and for higher prices than homes that give no nod to the green movement at all.

Sustainable architecture has developed a following in its own right, much like art deco or Victorian architecture. Fortunately for the eco-movement, it’s a following that keeps growing. If you want to become a part of that movement, at least in some small way, contact Sundowner Skylights to find out how our tubular skylights can work for you.