Natural Lighting for Every Room in Your Home
These days, everyone wants energy-efficient lighting. They want to do their bit to ease the strain on the environment, sure; but, they also want to save money. Eco-friendly light bulbs are one way to go, but you’re still relying on artificial lighting systems. Skylights allow you to make the most of natural light from the sun all year round.

Sundowner Skylights allow natural sunlight to brighten up your home or office in ways you never imagined. Our tubular skylights shed light on everything, making them one of the most efficient solar lighting systems on the market.

Let there be sunlight

The problem with artificial lighting, and even some skylights, is that light isn’t evenly distributed. Tube lights, however, use light collectors, reflective tubes, and diffusers to bring the brilliance of the outdoors indoors, lighting up your kitchen, bedroom, or office from floor to ceiling with an all round spread.

The light from tubular skylights is comparable to electric lighting systems, even when the sun is at its weakest in winter or on an overcast day. For example, tests have found that a 320mm tubular skylight is approximately equivalent to a 500-watt light bulb in winter and a 1,000-watt bulb in summer. This makes tube lights a viable lighting option for commercial and industrial business premises, residential homes, and event venues, including sports clubs.

A big advantage that tubular skylights have over other solar lighting systems is that they are easy to install: no major modifications are required. This means that they are easy to include in your ideas when you want to revamp the interior lighting in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Even your warehouse will benefit from our natural lighting systems.

Sundowner Skylights is the biggest tubular skylight supplier in Southern Africa, so you can get the best and most affordable solar lighting systems no matter where you are in the country, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, from Port Elizabeth to Durban. Try Kathu, Colesberg, Windhoek and Potch, or any of our 25 Authorised Distributors Nationwide as well.

With over 18 years’ experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable tube lighting manufacturers in the country. Contact us to find out more about our lighting solutions that will bring a modern, contemporary feel to every room in your house or company.