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Many people have skylights in their homes or businesses, but don’t know how to actually clean them properly. Skylights should be cleaned at least once or twice a year depending how dirty they get.

When cleaning your skylight, the best time to clean it is when it is not too sunny, as cleaning the skylight while sunny will cause funny marks and streaks on it.

Skylights allow natural and pure sunlight into our homes. You can’t clean skylights like you clean normal windows. There is a specific way to clean them and you have to clean the inside and outside.

Materials used to clean skylights

You will need a bucket with hot water preferably distilled water and inside the bucket you will need to put some dish or window-washing liquid. You can add some vinegar as well as a detergent so that it won’t leave marks on the window.

A long mop will be great to clean the skylight if it is big or out of reach, or you can do it by hand. You will need a cloth and a sponge as well as a towel preferably a cotton towel. When you clean the outside of the skylight you will need a ladder to get up on the roof first, a pressure cleaner will work great on the outside, though take care not to set the pressure too high. Lastly you will need a wax to put on after wards to protect your skylight.

Your safety comes first

Once you have all the right materials to clean your skylight, you will need to make sure you remain safe while cleaning them. Make sure that all the products are safe for the skylight. If you are climbing up a ladder, always make sure that someone is standing by you at all times just in case something does happen.

Steps to clean your skylight

First of all, you need your bucket with your water and your liquid in and vinegar. You can now get to where your skylight is and keep your products close by. If your skylight has a plastic film over it you can remove this film.

Remove all dust with a dry cloth. Wash your sponge before you use it. With your sponge or your long mop, you can dip it in the water and ring all the excess water out and start cleaning. Remember to clean from the highest point and work your way down.

Empty your dirty water and replace it with clean cool water, rinse all the soap from the skylight. After you have done that take your cotton towel to soak up all the water.

When you are cleaning the skylight from the outside remember to use the pressure cleaner, it will just make it easier.

After drying and all the steps are done you can put a wax on your windows to protect them.

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Skylights aren’t cheap and cleaning isn’t easy. Protecting your windows from stains will save money and time. Skylight features are the best when they are clean, for more information get in touch with one of our consultants from Sundowner Skylights or visit our website today.




Skylights for any Weather

Skylights are an awesome feature to add to your home and they come with a range of health and aesthetic benefits. If a shaky or unpredictable climate is preventing you from making the decision to install one, then we have some good news for you; skylights can be designed to adapt to just about any climate due to the range of materials that can be used in their installation.

Hail and Wind

If you live in an area that experiences frequent hail storms or strong winds, it’s obvious as to why you would be concerned about installing a skylight. Skylights that have not been renovated and that were built with material that has since been outdated, are the ones most affected by hail and wind breaks. Modern building materials such as polycarbonate and laminated glass add extra safety and preventative measures to the design of your skylight.

Rain Damage

Rain can do a number on skylights if they have not been sealed professionally and with a generous amount of care. The best defense against water leaks is to hire professional services who ensure the use of quality materials in order to provide seals that are reliable. It is also important to do maintenance checks regularly to amend any weak spots that may become leaks in the near future.


Skylights are designed to work with sunlight, so even if you live in a climate that boasts high temperatures as well as excess U.V rays, the chances of sunlight affecting your skylight’s structure is minimal. Tempered glass skylights allow for plant-friendly light to permeate the sunrooms that they support. If you’re still concerned, opting for glazing is another way to ensure that your skylight (and you) are protected.

No Reason to not Have a Skylight

Any problems related to climate can easily be met with materials to ensure that your skylight can sustain itself against all kinds of weather. With so many benefits and a solution to every climate problem, there is nothing that should hinder you from installing a skylight. Contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website for more information.

Starlight, Star Bright, Watching from My Skylight Tonight

Watching the stars whilst lying on your couch in the comfort of your own home sounds a bit like a fairy-tale. Skylights, tubelights and sun tubes make this whole scene a plausible reality and there are plenty of other benefits that are on offer too.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is basically like a window for your ceiling, fitted at the same angle. Skylights come in different sizes and shapes that offer diverse functionalities ranging from an outside view and letting more light infiltrate your home, to the aeriation of poorly ventilated areas. Since skylights, sun tubes and tubelights offer glorious aesthetic appeal, they are also used as a tool for optimizing interior design.

The Pantheon and its Famous Oculus

Ancient Romans actually incorporated skylights into many of their structures – perhaps the most renowned being The Pantheon and its central skylight known as Oculus. The Pantheon remains the biggest unsupported dome structure in the world that has stood the test of time against the elements as well as barbaric raids. Experts in ancient timekeeping have argued that The Pantheon has been intelligently designed as a kind of gigantic sundial.

We Can’t All Have a Pantheon

Whilst we can’t all have a building that replicates the splendour of The Pantheon, incorporating a skylight or your very own Oculus into your home isn’t out of reach by any means. From a practical perspective, it may not be able to indicate time, but it will allow for an influx of light and warmth (as we approach the chillier Winter months) into your space and offer you a great point to stargaze from in the quiet of night.

Enchant Your Home

Add a magical portal from your home to the universe outside through the simplicity and elegance of a skylight. To ensure seamless installation and functionality that will keep your home enchanted for years to come, contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website to see which options would be best suited to your…wishes.

What’s Trendier than a Tubelight?

Very little, in our opinion. It’s a unique concept that fits like a glove with 2019’s interior design trends, which are all about bringing the atmosphere of the outdoors to your home. Escaping the concrete jungle by creating your own tropical oasis at home (kind of like a greenhouse) is a no-brainer, so why not bring in natural lighting to complete the look?

The Green Scene of 2019

Night Watch Green has been labelled one of this year’s hottest colours for interior décor, which is no surprise considering the amount of tropical themed designs popping up. It’s like interior has gone full jungle fever – leaf patterned wallpaper, hanging plants and rich wooden finishes are bringing a touch of the earth into homes and creating spaces that make others green with envy.

The Values to Match

Loving the look and feel of earthy and tropical interiors would be slightly hypocritical were it not followed through with eco-friendly and earth conscious decisions. The use of energy efficient lightbulbs as well as solar panels are on a steady incline as values continue to shift drastically towards conserving our earth.


Skylights and Tubelights

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the addition of skylights and tubelights to homes are becoming more popular. Sun tubes open up a portal to bring natural lighting into your home, instantly brighten up any dark spaces that may be interrupting your interior flow, allow the illusion of more space and provide a glimpse straight into the outdoors. Of equal importance, they are one of the eco-friendliest ways to bring in extra light (your hanging plants will thank you too).

Small Alteration, Big Results

Upgrading your home doesn’t necessarily mean a big upheaval to your routine and life. Skylights and tubelights are a non-invasive and fast way to make home improvements with the return of exquisite and lasting impact. For ways of incorporating functionality and style into your home’s character, contact Sundowner Skylights or visit their website.





Sunlight and serotonin

We’ve all heard about how too much sun can be harmful to your skin. But did you know that the correct balance can have many mood-lifting benefits?

Sunlight and darkness trigger a release of hormones in our brains. Being exposed to the sunlight is thought to increase your brain’s release of serotonin which is a hormone. Serotonin is commonly associated with boosting your mood and also assisting in making you feel focused and calm. At night, the darker light will trigger your brain to make another hormone that is called melatonin. This hormone is what helps you sleep at night.

If you do not get enough sun exposure, your serotonin levels generally take a dip. And lower levels of serotonin can be associated with a much higher risk of depression with seasonal pattern, this was formerly known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This type of depression is triggered by the changing seasons.

Having a bit of a mood boost isn’t the only reason to increase the amounts of sunlight you are getting. There are many other health benefits that are associated with getting a moderate amount of sun rays.

A decrease in sun exposure has often been associated with a dip in serotonin levels, which can also lead to bad cases of depression with seasonal patterns. The light induced effects of serotonin are commonly triggered by sunlight that goes in through the eyes. The sunlight you see cues certain areas in the retina, which then triggers the release of serotonin. So basically, you are much more likely to experience this type of depression when it’s winter time and the days are shorter.

Because of this connection, one of the most common treatments for someone who suffers from this type of depression, is light therapy., which is also known as phototherapy.

Having a skylight installed in your home will ensure that you are getting those beautiful rays even when you are inside your home relaxing. For more information on our skylights and installation services, visit our website on or give us a call on 021 982 8166.

Skylights Are Not Only For Your Home

We all know that the sun and natural sunlight does wonders for the human body and the human mind. The truth is that we do not get enough vitamin D from the sun as we should. Often we do not consume enough of the right vitamins and minerals in general. Many of us live in a reality where we are not putting our health first the way that we should. We do not drink enough water and exercise because there honestly is not enough time in the day. However there is a way to get enough sunlight without changing your entire daily routine.

Skylights In The Home

One way to tackle the issue of not getting enough sunlight and vitamin D is through ensuring that you are in the sun every day and maybe catch a tan while you are at it. Another way is by installing a skylight or two in your home. This way your home will be basking in natural light every day and your entire family will benefit from it. However, if you are a busy person who does spend a large amount of the day in the office, on the road or doing your day job, this option does not help you completely during the week.

Alternative Skylight Locations

Many people spend their days working in a building that does not let in enough natural light, and they spend their days under fluorescent lighting and staring at their bright computer and smartphone screens. Otherwise, they are in an artificially lit warehouse, a factory or even casino. We are subjecting ourselves and our employees to working in dark environments that are doing us little to no favours. These buildings could definitely benefit from more natural light, skylights. The skylight will allow the buildings and the businesses to save on lighting and electricity expenses while allowing everyone the opportunity to bask in natural sunlight every day.

Sundowner Skylights

A daily dose of natural light does wonders for every person and their health. It should be an easy means of caring for ourselves, however, modern society and our hefty working hours does not allow for many of us to get the sunlight we need. Thankfully Sundowner Skylights specialises in installing skylights a in variety of environments. Be sure to contact them today to get a skylight installed so that you can get more sunlight during your working day!

The Health Benefits of Natural Light

Sunlight is a basic requirement for survival as we understand it. We all need it to survive, and while we generally get enough to keep our bodies functional, the average person spends way too much time in the shade of offices and homes to get enough of it, to see the real benefits of natural sunlight. Many households try and alleviate this by allowing more natural light into their homes, thanks to appliances such as sun tubes, which allow natural light to seamlessly flow into homes. If you have been looking for a reason to get some more natural light into your life, here are some of the top advantages it has on the body and mind.


Natural Light Provides Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial mineral that assists with absorbing calcium, and therefor facilitating the growth of strong, healthy bones. Aside from this, this sunlit vitamin is also responsible for upping your metabolism, stabilising your mood and may even treat disorders such as autism, diabetes and chronic pain.


Natural Light Protects your Eyes

If you want to keep your eyes sharp for longer, then you should insist on using them in a naturally lit environment. Artificial light can put strain on your eyes when reading, and a lack of adequate light does so even more. Given enough time, this will diminish the strength of your eyes and can also lead to tension headaches. Getting enough natural light in areas where you frequently work, read or study, will keep your eyes younger for longer.


Natural Light Improves your Body Clock

Your circadian rhythms, which are large contributors to your sleeping patters, productivity levels and your appetite, all rely on the coming and going of natural light to be properly calibrated. In this day and age, we spend long evenings staring into LED screens, staying up late or pulling all-nighters. All of this effectively disrupts your body-clock and leads to an inconsistent appetite and trouble sleeping. By getting enough natural sunlight, you can improve your body-clock for better health all-round.


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Here’s what to know when adding windows or skylights

Is your home a bit cold and dark in winter months, or feeling stuffy and dark in summer time? Often, when your homes windows are too small or you don’t have enough of them, it can be hard to get the ventilation and natural light you need for good health. You may look around your home or building and think, “this place could definitely use some more light and windows” but you don’t have an idea if it is even feasible to add them or even where to get started.

For most homeowners, cutting a whole n your roof or wall can be scary to even think of, but adding in a window, skylight or roof window is not always as difficult as it may seem.

Furthermore, properly installed skylights, windows or roof windows can be a very rewarding way to improve a home’s air quality, healthfulness, energy and visual appeal while also making it a more pleasant place to be each day.

If you aren’t sure what type of skylight or window you want or need, here are a few basics:

Vertical Windows

Unless you are living in a bunker, your home will most likely already have vertical window, and their support structure was incorporated into the walls when your home was built. It should be an easy task for a professional to replace an under-sized vertical window with a bigger one.

Roof Windows

The more traditional windows will admit light at the walls level, while a skylight will bring light into your home from above. Roof windows are somewhat a hybrid in that they will combine some of the top qualities of both skylights and vertical windows.


Very often, skylights are the daylighting solution of choice for rooms that have limited wall space, but they can also be an attractive, practical and cost effective way for you to increase the natural light and passive ventilation in any of your rooms.

At Sundowner Skylights, we supply a wide variety of great quality skylights for you to choose from. For more information on our products and services, visit our website on

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Skylight

Skylight are known to brighten up dark rooms, even if it is a small unit it can make a great difference in the way that room looks and feels. There are many styles and brands to choose from. It is advised to try avoid the inexpensive units that have plastic glazing. Although these units cost less initially, they usually don’t last very long and many of them tend to leak. It is better to have a look at the higher quality curbed skylights that are energy efficient glazing and have a factory flashing kit made for them. The kit is not going to add a lot to the cost of the skylight but it will mean having a leak-free installation.


Many skylights can come as venting units, which are able to open or as fixed units that cannot be opened. A venting unit is great to have but it might be inconvenient to open and close if it is out of your reach. So unless you are installing the skylight in a place where it will be easily accessible, you should probably rather go for a fixed unit and save some money. This also applied to installing a skylight in a bathroom, where you will also have to ensure that there is enough ventilation in order to avoid condensation problems. A vent fan for a smaller sized bathroom should provide 1 cubic foot per minute of air circulation per square foot of floor area, or more or less eight air changes per hour.


Generally, skylights are available in sizes that will fit the standard 16 or 24-inch frame. Installing a large skylight will mean that the installer will need to cut one or more of your rafters in order to fit the unit. This installation process is pretty simple when the roof is conventionally framed, which means the rafters on the sides of the rough opening are doubled up and the headers are added at the top and the bottom of the opening. However, it is different when working with a truss roof. The trusses are carefully engineered to carry roof loads, and modifying them in the field is not always a good idea. If your home is built with trusses, you should ensure that the installer sticks with units that are made to fit in between roof members, or gangs many smaller skylights together in order to create a larger window.

The Benefits of Having an Extractor Fan in the Bathroom

In South Africa extractor fans are not as common in our homes as they are in a lot of other places in the world, because we still the options to open our windows all year round but as development changes, so do our homes. This makes extractor fans more common, especially in public bathrooms. But they exist for a reason and they have great potential in many room sin the home as well as in the business.

What Extractor Fans Do

The name, ‘extractor fan’ is relatively self-explanatory.  It is a fan that works to slowly pull the current air out of a room, and all the things that are in the air at that point in time. It works for taking hot, moist or stale air out of a room, as well as any odours that may be present at the time. The purpose of an extractor fan is to help control an environment that does not have much ventilation or needs help with it.

Extractor Fans in the Bathrooms

Extractor fans in a bathroom have so many advantages. Firstly, it helps keep the dust at bay if it is working often. This does require some cleaning from time to time. It removes the different odours that float around. It helps remove a lot of steam from baths and showers, this means that extra moisture will not be as present in the room, and the mirror will not steam up as much as it used to, and it will clear up much quicker. By eliminating the humidity and steam, you are reducing the birth of dangerous moulds. And that is great for your help in its own way.

Getting an Extraction Fan for Your Home

There are no reasons to not have an extractor fan in your home or in your business. They are applicable in rooms other than the bathroom. Get in contact with Sundowner Skylights, to find out about getting an extractor fan in your home or office, or even if you wish to invest in natural light through the use of a skylight.