Artificial Light V.S Natural Light

The difference between artificial and natural light is high for people to know, especially if their profession depends on it(i.e. photographers and farmers). Below is a breakdown of the differences between the two types of light, and the effects they have on us.

What are the properties of artificial light?

Artificial light is of course man-made light, which isn’t completely bad for the development of plants and humans. It differs to natural light because we can control it and we can monitor the quality of light, thanks to physics. It also doesn’t have the same spectrum of colours and wavelengths as natural light does. Therefore, if the frequency of the wavelengths is too high, it could harm humans and plants. Bridge fluorescent lights have also been found to aggravate illnesses such as headaches nausea and eye strain.

What are the properties of natural light?

Natural light, also known as sunlight, comes in a spectrum of colours which are visible rays. Waves that aren’t visible to us on the colour spectrum are shorter wavelengths, named ultraviolet rays, and higher wavelengths, known as infrared rays.

Exposure to sunlight can help build vitamin D in the human system. However, it can also increase your energy, boost your metabolism and boost the immune system, which is all-important for the body. Although, it is important to get the right balance as overexposure may cause problems to the human system, such as skin damage and cancer, and cataracts.

Plants are great beneficiaries of natural sunlight. The light helps them grow, and the darkness that follows is just as important for them to rest, repair and rejuvenate. This light and dark effectively balance the cell activity.

Ideally, we would all like to be exposed more to the benefits of natural light without the fear of overexposure. Because this is not feasible, artificial light is now an essential part of our lives. Although it does not have the same benefits as natural light, with technology enhancing and becoming so advanced.

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